At SoundVision customer satisfaction is our number one goal. In order to achieve this, we strictly adhere to our project management process from start to finish. This allows us to be one step ahead of the game, keeping us on time and within your budget constraints. Most importantly the process has proven to deliver an end result that will deliver exactly what you expect.

What to Expect

Whether you’re planning a whole-home technology makeover or a simple media system upgrade, our design and installation process will help you get a cleanly designed, easy to use, and reliable entertainment and technology experience.

Step 1: We listen 
We hear every detail you have envisioned for your house in order to get you what you really want. We’re here to help make your ideas a reality in the following areas:
• Audio/Video • Lighting Control • Home Automation  • Motorized Window Shades and Drapes • Wired and Wireless Networks • Surveillance Systems

Step 2: Explore your options within each system.
We go over the range of options available within each system so you can understand the features, the performance level, aesthetics and ease of use for each system you desire to help decide which is the right one for you.

Step 3: Determine scope of work and budget requirements.
We prepare a scope of work and a preliminary budget. SoundVision is dedicated to delivering systems and experiences that exceed your expectations while keeping costs within your budget.

Step 4: Enter design agreement, develop system design and line item proposal.
No matter the size of your project, SoundVision never neglects the importance of a detailed, accurate proposal. Unlike other complicated, difficult to understand proposals, SoundVision breaks down your new system by each room and subsystem; including specific model information and a brief description. These proposals include equipment, labor and programming charges to ensure that you have no surprise charges in the end.

Step 5: Review plans & proposal, modify when necessary.
After completing design phase, you will meet with one of our designers to go over the proposed system. Our goal is to give you what you really want, so any necessary changes will be made.

Step 6: Engineer, install and program system as planned.
Our staff of certified engineers and technicians work together to document and install your new system.

Step 7: Client Walk-through
After completion we will set up a complete client orientation to go over every part of your new system so you can familiarize yourself and understand all the ins and outs of your new system. We calibrate your new home theater or media system for superior image quality and theater quality sound, providing an unparalleled experience designed to your liking. If any issues should arise after the installation phase, you are covered by SoundVision’s lifetime guarantee on workmanship and our in-house service and support team.