Primary Function

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the projects they manage are scheduled and completed on time and on budget, and that all communication necessary in order to deliver on this goal is executed in a timely and professional manner. The Project Manager makes sure that any scope or time requirement changes are approved by the client and then documented and communicated to all relevant parties. The Project Manager is also responsible for exceeding the expectations of our customers, construction partners and design partners.

Salary Range

$100,000 - $150,000/year

Job Type


Major Responsibilities

  • Receive new project hand-off from the Designer with a clear understanding of ALL project details.
  • Verify all details and documentation are accurate and time budgets are adequate.
  • Develop and maintain project management binders on all projects.
  • Methodically works the SoundVision project management process:
    • Manage documentation required from Engineering.
    • Schedule and verify all project dates with client and client representatives.
    • Communicate project requirements with other trades.
    • Release Purchase Order Requests of equipment for timely installation.
    • Create detailed daily Work Orders (Punch lists/Staging Requests/BOMs).
    • Start Technicians on projects, review work orders and Project Estimator form.
    • Train Technicians on punch-list items as necessary.
    • Verify project is installed as proposed and fully documented at all phases.
    • Initiate, explain and receive authorization of all change orders.
    • Initiate periodic and final invoice and verify receipt of payments.
    • Verify job completion, invoicing, payment and that client’s expectations are exceeded.
  • Foster an enthusiastic, creative, “can do” attitude.
  • Share the responsibility for the Company and department goals.

Skills, Qualifications, and Knowledge

  • Proactive, flexible team player who is comfortable working in a small company environment taking on a leadership role.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter.
  • Detail oriented and organized, with excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Skilled in Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Full understanding of the SoundVision Body of Knowledge.
  • Full understanding of the construction process, the roles of the various design/construction professionals, and the ability to see the project from everyone’s perspective.

Objectives and Results

  1. Responsible for taking over and running new projects and having clarity on all design requirements and details.  Being the point person for all contact such that the designer is removed from the day to day operations of the project.
  2. Review all project details and documentation for accuracy, review time budgets to make sure they are adequate.
  3. Create and maintain a complete, thorough and up to date project management binder for every project.
  4. Maintain a thorough and complete Project Manager Checklist that is always up to date on every project.
  5. Create thorough daily punch-lists as required and train technicians on new or unfamiliar punch-list items.
  6. Review Project Estimator form with Technicians to verify their understanding of the scope of the project and the time required for completion.
  7. Verify that all work is done correctly and fully documented at each phase of the project such that as-built documentation is complete, all cables are labeled and all work is photographed with photos labeled and stored on server at the end of each phase.
  8. Schedule and run projects for maximum efficiency such that the project uses the minimum amount of limited SoundVision engineering and technician resources for proper completion.
  9. Responsible for refining the SoundVision process as new methods are developed or conceived.
  10. Help clients make the best long term decisions regarding system performance, control, aesthetics and budget.
  11. Responsible for communicating variances from the original design criteria to clients within 7 days of making changes to their project (Change Order).  Verify client expectations are clear, documented, understood, budgeted for, and attainable.
  12. Treat changes to a project with a sense of urgency, obtaining approved change orders from clients and submitting changes to Engineering for proposal update within 7 days of discovery.
  13. Responsible for project review within 5 days of the end of each phase.  Verify job stays within original design criteria, update PTB, invoice client, and verify receipt of payment.
  14. Responsible for setting up the client orientation and final review of the system with the client at system completion.
  15. Create a final punch-list and confirm project completion with a sense of urgency.
  16. Responsible for field staff training and development.
  17. Keep up to date with SoundVision methods and standards.
  18. Responsible for product research and evaluations of new products and technologies.
  19. Participate in Company management team as proactive leader and providing input that forwards company’s goals and objectives. This would be evidenced by achieving their department goals, and active participation in meetings that showed forward thinking.
  20. Responsible for the safety and development of crew members as well as being watchdogs for all company operations.
  21. The Project Manager must seek out training and course work for Professional Advancement in Leadership, Management, and Industry technology advances.

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